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April 2004
Since april 2004, the sample set of the Marcussen organ is also available in softsampler formats. For more information look at the site of Post Musical Instruments
January 2004
From january 2004 on, the sampleset of the Marcussen organ is also available in the Soundfont format. Ideal for those with slower computers or with a small amount of memory. For more information read the pages under Soundfont Version

September 2006
At this moment the HW2 version of the Marcussen sampleset is almost ready. An upgrade for those who own the HW1 version of this sampleset can be bought for 30 euro's (including shipping costs). Those who've made special agreements about an upgrade to the HW2 version can order with a reference tho this agreement. Shipping will take place beginning of octobre.

HW2 version available